Sichuan Restaurant

This is the first entry of a series of reviews we undertook a few weeks ago. At first, we wanted to review several hand pulled restaurants around Phnom Penh and give our 2 cents on each. We first started on street 136 (near the KFC on Monivong) where you find a gaggle of restaurants that specialize in Szechuan cuisine. After sampling a couple of the restaurants on the street and seeing each restaurant’s take on certain dishes, Bryse and I thought that this street needed a bit more attention.

The hand pulled review would have to wait.

Enjoy the mega-Szechuan review that starts below!


I have been a longtime fan of this place for the past 7 years. In that time, not much has changed. It manages to deliver tasty Szechuan cuisine for a very reasonable price. The place gets packed for lunch and usually has a pretty rowdy crowd for dinner.

For our visit, we had some Cut Noodles with Soy Sauce ($1.50) and a Noodle Soup with Beef ($1.50). Both were very good. The Cut Noodles were served in a metal bowl and along served with ground pork, chopped chilis, green onion and garlic in a spicy soy sauce. It isn’t the healthiest of dishes as there was a pool of oil collecting at the bottom of the bowl but typically of something this unhealthy, pretty damn tasty.

The Noodle Soup had a chunks of beef, bok choy in a soup broth more reminiscent of a stew than a soup. The noodles were a bit overcooked but the rich broth easily made up for that.

An additional thought: Even though we didn’t actually order the sweet and sour chicken, I have to mention them. Why? Well, ever had General Tso’s chicken? Nearly every Chinese buffet in America offers them on under heat lamps and it’s pretty much the first thing I hit up. It’s one of those shameful vices where you crouch down a bit further in your seat and sheepishly profess your love of something so bad…..

Kinda like P Diddy’s song “Mo Money Mo Problems”.

Best thing about this version is that you can get it in chicken, pork or fish.  — Vinh

The first thing I tried was the soy sauce, pork noodles which were great.  Really greasy but a nice subtle taste with just enough spiciness to keep them interesting.  I would definitely go back to this spot to try these soy sauce noodles again.

The noodle soup wasn’t as interesting and I’m not a huge fan of beef at cheap Chinese places.  Usually pretty bad, stringy stuff.  I also managed to get quite a bit of the red sauce all over my shirt while trying to slurp the noodles like an idiot … which I blamed on the dish.  We didn’t try any dumplings at this first spot but I think it would be worth a shot. 

Vinh: 4.5 out of 5 Nyamies

Bryse: 4 out of 5 nyamies

Szechuan Chinese Restaurants Map

Szechuan Chinese Restaurants Map



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7 responses to “Sichuan Restaurant

  1. Ez

    Erm.. Address?
    Are there any dishes with Sichuan Pepper? I’m dying for some face-numbing Sichuan Pepper!

    • Addresses have been added to the reviews now. As for dishes with Sichuan pepper, the next review has a dish that had a very healthy pepper to meat ratio which you might like.

  2. Ez

    Finally tried this place last weekend. There is indeed copious amounts of Sichuan pepper in the Chongqing chicken. Was rather impressed with everything, and made me miss being in China.

  3. The lure of a string of Sichuan restaurants was too strong, so E and I decided to try a few. While there are a few tasty bites along the way (we tried 3 restaurants, including Sichuan Restaurant), I cannot comprehend how a dish such as gan bian si ji dou (dry-fried green beans) does not have the awesome Sichuan peppercorns with their cool heat and/or heaps of fire-red chili peppers. The dan dan mien was also so-so. I’m not Sichuan food afficionado by any means, but come on….

    • Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad to see that you tried out the Chinese places that we have reviewed in the past.
      We have now employed a full-time intern by the name of The Funger to take care of all that is authentic Chinese. As a self-professed banana, I can only do things that annoy ill-informed people from Sydney.

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