Herk Fung

This is part of a set of reviews taken over a few days in which we gorged ourselves silly at the numerous Szechuan Chinese restaurants located near Central Market. The street is 136 and the best landmark I can give is they are just east of the KFC on Monivong. I have placed a map at the bottom of the review with the street highlighted in red.

Herk Fung is the eastern-most restaurant on the street and is probably the cleanest. The interior was very modern and unlike it’s neighbors, it looks like there was some thought put into the appearance of the place. Let’s see if Herk Fung’s kitchen can deliver the goods.

On this review, we had Stir Fried Noodles ($2.00) and a Pork Rib Noodle Soup ($2.00).

The soup was a bit misleading as there were no pork ribs in it. Instead, there was a humongous pork chop that was flavorful and tender.  Soy, star anise and garlic were some of the flavors that complimented the mainly pork tasting broth but I felt it still needed some extra seasoning.

The Stir Fried Noodles didn’t appeal to me at all. It was a pretty generic affair with cabbage, onions, egg, green onions and julienned carrots filling in the non-starch elements of the dish. Adding some soy sauce helped a bit but I was hoping for something with a bit more personality. The side’s were pretty uninspiring also. — Vinh

While the decor and great name makes Herk Fung stand out a bit on the Szechuan street, the food was not quite there.   The stir fried noodles came out and looked great but somehow they had virtually no flavor.  Not sure how you can have that many ingredients and somehow be able to have nothing to taste.

The soup came out which looked interesting at first but then we pulled the titanic sized slab of pork out of the bowl.  What are you supposed to do with a piece of meat that big with pair of chop sticks and a spoon?  One of the nicest things about most Chinese dishes is that it’s all pre-cut and ready to eat.  Not sure if we just don’t know the trick to tackling this dish or if the chef was just being lazy that day.  When we were able to some chucks torn off, the pork was not too bad, but the broth was pretty bland.  Definitely not worth the effort or the extra 2000 Riel per dish.

Vinh: 2 out of 5 Nyamies

Bryse: 1.5 out of 5 Nyamies

Szechuan Chinese Restaurants Map

Szechuan Chinese Restaurants Map


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