Nyam NYC

I was just back in NYC for a short visit so my brother and I went and checked out a Cambodian sandwich shop in Greenwich Village called Num Pang.  While there is not much about the place that feels like Cambodia, a tiny shop with white hipster kids at the counter and loud hip hop playing, the food is great.  There are quite a few different sandwiches to choose from, all on homemade bread with a great chili mayo sauce.  We tried the fried catfish and a beef brisket. The flavors of both were great but the beef brisket had an amazing spiciness, definitely the better one.  They tasted more like Banh Mi more than any Cambodian sandwich I’ve had but that shouldn’t hold people back.


The food at Num Pang was definitely more like fancy Banh Mi than any food I’ve ever had in Cambodia, but it was definitely delicious and not too pricey. The bread for each sandwich seemed freshly made and had a slight sourdough tang to it. The fish and brisket were both tender and well prepared, and the mayo sauce complimented both sandwiches well. The only other Cambodian I’ve had in NYC was at a food cart by NYU that was less than stellar, so I’d recommend this for some tasty if not entirely authentic eats.


(photo taken from the Num Pang site)


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