3rd Annual Lonestar Chili Cookoff

The 3rd annual Chili Cook off at Lonestar

The 3rd annual Chili Cook off at Lonestar

Lonestar Saloon ran their 3rd annual chili cookoff yesterday and Nyam Penh had the honor to be one of the judges. Which really meant that we paid 6 dollars more than everyone else and got a t-shirt. Not a bad deal considering how great the entries tasted!

It was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, meeting new people and eating 12 different chilis. Notably absent was a submission from  Alley Cat Cafe which had won the first 2 cook offs.

The prize was a $75 bar tab to the owner of the first place chili and $25 for the second place chili.

Now onto the winners.

3rd place: Buenos Noches by Sharky Al.

2nd place: John’s Famous Cambodian Chili

1st place: Texas Rojas by Lonestar Saloon

As Lonestar can’t really drink their own bar tab, Greg from Lonestar gave his $75 bar tab to John and Al got the $25!

Many thanks to Greg from Lonestar for organizing this event and I am definitely going to be there next year!

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One response to “3rd Annual Lonestar Chili Cookoff

  1. Mike

    I attended and was unimpressed with the disorganized and unfriendly service.

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