Fisherman Quay

Hanging Peking Duck

Hanging Peking Duck

We came here for one item and upon walking into Fisherman Quay, you can see the goods proudly hanging behind glass where cooks slice and prepare the duck to order.

Peking Duck and pancakes at Fisherman Quay

Peking Duck and pancakes at Fisherman Quay

The menu at Fisherman Quay is very standard for a chinese restaurant and is reasonably priced. Along with the Peking Duck, we also ordered a humungous plate of fried rice and chinese broccoli with garlic and washed it all down with some frosty Tsing Tao beer.

Tsing Tao beer at Fisherman Quay restaurant

Tsing Tao beer at Fisherman Quay restaurant

The Peking Duck was served with a saucer of hoisin sauce, pancakes and a garnish of spring onions, cucumber and pickles.

Garnish for Peking Duck

Garnish for Peking Duck

I have seen Peking Duck served with green onion and cucumber but the pickles were something I had never seen served before and was hesitant to try it in my duck wrap. I was surprised to find the pickles offered a great counterpoint to the fattiness of the duck and ended up eating the duck with the pickles and leaving out the hoisin sauce!

Peking Duck wrapped goodness

Peking Duck wrapped goodness

The chinese broccoli was bright green and was a great dish in itself with a great garlicky taste permeating throughout the dish. The fried rice was average and definitely needed some soy sauce and chili.

All in all, the Peking Duck excursion was successful and definitely makes me want to come back for more.

3.5 out of 5 nyamies


From the fisherman name and the gigantic lobster statue hanging off the side of the restaurant, the first time I came to this place I was expecting nothing but seafood.  I was with a Khmer friend and didn’t really pay attention when he was ordering then, suddenly, a wild peking duck appeared.  I proceeded to ignore all other food and focus entirely on the greasy duck tacos.

Peking Duck is one of my favorite Chinese food dishes.  I haven’t tried many duck places in Phnom Penh but from what I have had, this place is the best. Wraps, spring onions, duck sauce, and properly cut duck (pieces of skin only).

The duck is great but it could be fresher.  When done well, the skin is still crispy and adds a great texture to the wraps whereas these have likely been hanging in the window for a while and the skin was a bit chewy by the time it reached our table.

The rest of the menu is standard Chinese food; good, not great but reasonably priced. We had fried rice and chinese broccoli which was tasty.  We didn’t order any seafood on this visit but the whole back of the restaurant is filled with tanks of live fish ready to be picked out, cooked and served.

4 out of 5 nyamies


Fisherman Quay
No. 84Eo, Street 214
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Map courtesy of Cambodian Yellow Pages

Map courtesy of Cambodian Yellow Pages



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7 responses to “Fisherman Quay

  1. Interesting, I used to eat Peking Duck few times at Naga and Empress (Chinese house), will check out Fisherman soon,

  2. this is so funny, i got peking duck this weekend too! got it at emperor’s of China. It was delicious and soooo worth it.

  3. thanks for the hint ..I can’t wait to travel Cambodia (first time!)

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  5. W.

    I didn’t have time last trip ..hopefully I will get there in JAnuary during the next trip ..I had peking duck in my hotel instead too (hotel Nine) was a very good dish, actually the local chef did a very good job on most of the dishes mmmm ..will be back soon!

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