Interview in Le Petite Journal

Nyam Penh has been featured in a Le Petite Journal article on their website! Click on the link to read it in French or just read below for the translated version.

Never go to a restaurant with Vinh! Or so expect that he pinchs from your plate… This American in his thirties has created a foodblog where he reviews institutions phnom penhois. Bryse with his friend, he eats all the racks to find the addresses which will tickle the expatriate palates

Vinh sits down at the table and takes a little black notebook out of his bag. He is there for lunch but, unlike other customers, he will make a note of all his impressions during the meal. Bryse sits in front of him and they both plunge into the menu.

The two Americans met in Phnom Penh four years ago. Vinh is a freelance photographer for the past eight years. Arriving in 2009, Bryse works in civil engineering.

“I think our first conversation focused on the burgers,” recalls Vinh laughing.

In September 2010, their shared passion for good food caused them to open their food critic blog, “Nyam Penh.” Three times per month, they publish their impressions of restaurants in the capital, always accompanied by attractive photos.

That day, they have an appointment at a new restaurant on the street 282. Far from the traditional riverside, they want to know what is behind this establishment that does not see.
“I spotted it in a passing car,” said Vinh. “From the outside it looks like a bakery, that’s not the kind of place to which the expatriate would head to spontaneously.” It is the concept of the blog: to discover the places outside the box.”
The thirty eight year old of Vietnamese origin has invited his sister to “nyamming” of the day. “The more people, the more stomachs and therefore the more dishes to try!” Plates pass from hand to hand and Vinh photographs the dishes under the gaze of startled waitresses.

Opinions, not awards
With Lina’s site My Big Fat Face, they are the only ones blogging on the cuisine of the capital. For both boys, Phnom Penh is the ideal playground. “Since my arrival in 2003, it has evolved tremendously,” said Vinh. “Restaurants have multiplied in the city and there is now a great diversity of establishments.” A diversity and proliferation that may confuse some. The Nyam Penh blog is intended as a guide for expatriates who would not know where to put their forks.

But no way to kill a particular restaurant. Both bloggers are honest and try to highlight the positive points of each institution. “We do not want to be gurus to say where to go eat and where you should not go,” says Vinh. “I almost want to tell people:” Do not listen to me, that’s just my opinion. “But it’s true that it is always nice to have help to choose.” A subjectivity that would nevertheless asserted its independence. Bryse and Vinh refuse to be sponsored despite proposals from several restaurants and do not prevent institutions they criticize.

They choose one at random, on the advice of a friend or strolling in the city. Tired of beer gardens, they have burgers and Chinese restaurants for their favorite fields. “We have nothing against Khmer cuisine but we’ve been here for a long time and we do not necessarily want to eat all year round in Cambodia,” said Bryse. They plan a series of forthcoming reviews in search of the best burger in Phnom Penh. “Sometimes I think that the blog is really a good excuse to eat!” says Vinh.

But a sin confessed, even on-line, is half redressed!


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