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I can hear the crickets chirping

Sorry, its been so long since a proper update but we have just been swamped with our day jobs. So just a few photos from a trip to La Cita where we were interviewed for Le Petite Journale. BTW, check the place out. Great Latin and South American food!

Also, on a side note, Lucky Supermarket has the Huy Fong brand Sriracha. Almost all the Sriracha sold in Southeast Asia is made in Thailand by the Nang Fah distributed by V Thai and is much sweeter and has an almost irradiated look to it.

Produced in Rosemead California, the Huy Fong brand has less sweet, has a deeper more subtle chili kick and actually looks organic! It’s a sauce I grew up with, squirting it in a bowl of pho at many a restaurant dotted around the Little Saigon area in Westminster.

If you haven’t had it, grab a bottle (740ML at $3.50!!!!!) and become a convert.

For some amusing and/or informative reading on Rosemead Sriracha, check out these links:

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Huy Fong : They do orders! Check out their Chili Garlic and Sambal Oelek sauces!

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