Nyam Nippon

sushi appetizer

Not Cambodia related but I just got back from a short trip to Japan and I wanted to share photos of some of the amazing food.


Pretty sure this was octopus but I didn’t always know what I was eating.

Cooking Takoyaki

One of the highlights was the takoyaki. I had never tried it before but it is a small delicious octopus and batter ball. We were in Osaka where the dish apparently originated. The first time we had it was at a restaurant but we saw them being cooked in small stalls all over the city.


Like many things in Japan, there is a very specific way of eating takoyaki. You are supposed to open them up and let them cool off a bit before eating. This was one thing I learned the hard way. Anyone know a spot to get good takoyaki in Phnom Penh?

– Bryse


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  1. Love Takoyaki. I first tried it in…Columbus, Ohio. Yeah. Weird. But the city has a good foodie scene and a relatively large Japanese population thanks to the university and a big Honda plant on the west side.


    Delicious. And they also do Japanese crepes. Nice.

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