Mike’s Burger House A Year On

It’s been over a year since our inagural post where we headed out to Mike’s Burgers and ate ourselves stupid. Alot has changed over the year and we decided to take a trip out to Mike’s to see how it holds up a year on.

It totally does and then some.

Interior of Mike's Burger House a year later

Interior of Mike's Burger House a year later

It’s still in a petrol station but has moved into more spacious digs and has that family-run diner feel that wouldn’t seem out of place in middle America. We were greeted by Mike and his always smiling wife and headed to the counter to check out the new items on the menu.

I immediately noticed the Crying Cheeseburger ($3.75). When I asked for more details, all Mike said was that it’ll make you cry. It’s obvious I didn’t learn from last years Crazy Burger (which is still on the menu) so I ordered it and on top of that, ordered the hottest option. We also ordered a Mike’s version of the In-N-Out Animal Fries ($3.99) and an order of Fish Tacos ($4.50) which aren’t on the menu but Mike recommended it so we had to have it.

Condiments at Mike's Burger House

Condiments at Mike's Burger House

We were lucky to grab a booth in the middle of the very busy restaurant and drank some A&W root beer while waiting for our order.

We got the Crying burger first and it looked dangerous with chopped chili’s peeking out from under the burger patty.

The Crying Cheesburger at Mike's Burger House

Under the patty, lies the Crying aspect of the burger

Then we cut into it.

That's alot of chilis!

That's alot of chilis!

I took an initial test bite and it made me sweat almost immediately. In the middle of my third bite, I looked over to the kitchen and saw that there was a couple members of staff watching me and laughing at my sadomasochistic attempt at finishing half of the burger with all the chilis intact.

Crying Burger 1 Nyam Penh 0

Crying Burger 1 Nyam Penh 0

Even though I removed all the chilis from half of the burger, there was still a bit of heat to it. In the middle of my dissection of the Crying burger, we received the Animal Fries and the Fish Taco.

Medium sized Animal Fries at Mike's Burger House

Medium sized Animal Fries at Mike's Burger House

Chock full of grilled onions and a mixture of mozzarella and cheddar cheese, the fries also had some sliced roasted anaheim chilis. A fantastic side to cool down our burning mouths.

Fish taco at Mike's Burger House

Fish taco at Mike's Burger House

The fish taco was pretty amazing. Along with the obligatory lettuce, tomato and salsa that you normally see in tacos, Mike added some green onions that added to the crunchy texture of the taco filling. He also added some grilled green onions and a roasted anaheim chili on the side.

Fish taco filling at Mike's Burger House

Fish taco filling at Mike's Burger House

We had a great time revisiting Mike’s Burger House and are glad to see that the changes over the year has made it even more of a burger powerhouse in Phnom Penh.




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2 responses to “Mike’s Burger House A Year On

  1. Cindy

    Just got home from Mike’s 10 min. ago and your review popped into my in-box. Kismet? We always go with another family so there are 10 of us — thoroughly enjoy it every time. I finally was able to ignore my need for a burger and tried the burrito. Pretty darn good. Not the best I’ve ever had, but hey, I grew up in Colorado and Texas, and had the pleasure of some pretty awesome Mexican food. Mike’s could be better if he used real cheese instead of the canned cheese product. All the other adults at the table had a bite of mine and agreed that it was worth giving a try — if they could ever conceive of not having a burger! *There was no way I was going to pass it down to the kids’ table, since I knew I would only get an empty plate back.

  2. Polkadotte

    MIke’s burger Its now my favorite place to have my dining and my take out before heading back home and refer them to my friends are well. Great work Mike and his wife !
    Only one comment , I hope the couple find time to organise the dining in a much organise way how they stock up their supplies and not just exposed all bare in front of their customers.

    Sometimes the store look’s like sometimes a grocery warehouse!
    Just a though that sometimes , customers want as well the environment of the place your dining in pleasing to your eyes.
    It would be nice to see the place not to cramp of so many things , tissue papers , napkins and their other supplies just stock up beside of exactly infront of their cash registered. I a little bit tidy and discreet would be much pleasing to the customers eyes.

    I dont say this in a bad way , Im just a happy customers that want the place more tidy !

    Thanks a lot for the great food ! and this great blog!

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