Ku Kai

Getting ready for the best meal in town

Getting ready for the best meal in town

“If I had one night in Sihanoukville, I would go here. If I had two, I’d go twice”

One of my dinner mates uttered this comment after finishing a meal in Ku Kai. Considered by many Sihanoukville locals as the best Japanese restaurant in town, it is definitely a place to check out when you are done sunning yourself silly on the beach.

BTW, sorry about the poor quality images. I took these on my iphone as I didn’t bring a camera to the beach.

Queenfish and kingfish sashimi

Queenfish and kingfish sashimi - $2.75 per order

Run by a husband and wife team (he cooks, she takes care of the front of the house), the restaurant exudes a warm, inviting vibe and has some of the friendliest staff I have experienced in Cambodia. Ku Kai offers 2 types of fresh sashimi every night (except for Monday when they are closed) and it is best to call ahead to place an order as it tends to run out very fast. The restaurant also offers set meals (which come with rice, salad and miso soup), rice bowls (comes with miso soup) and various a la carte items.

Sliced rare roast beef

Sliced rare roast beef - $2.50

The prices are very reasonable considering the quality of the dishes and the size of the portions but it is a tough place to find a table after 7:00 so it is definitely recommended to book a table.

Prawn and Vegetable Tempura - $4.75

Prawn and Vegetable Tempura - $4.75

Ku Kai
144 7 Makara St
Head down Ekareach from Serendipity Beach towards Victory Beach. When you see the 333 KTV building on the right, turn left. It is about 200 meters down the road on the righthand side.
Tel: 012 593 339

The red X marks the spot

The red X marks the spot



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2 responses to “Ku Kai

  1. its the next place to check out the next trip we go to sihaunoukville. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Steve Cline

    I have posted a few location details and an accurate map on the Sihanoukville forum here: http://www.sihanoukvilleonline.com/forum/places-to-eat/ku-kai-japanese-restaurant/

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