Going to Battambang

Kranhoung Stick King liked Battambang before it was cool

We have been traveling up to Battambang lately for work and wanted to write a few posts about some of the nice places up here. I saw an Aussie friend today and he said that Battambang seems to be gaining a cool reputation around Cambodia for its up and coming arts scene and new restaurants and hotels. This place is still really quiet but it’s definitely developed quite a bit over the past few years.

bunhoy & fruit shake

I try to hit White Rose on just about every trip. Not only is their website amazing, but they have great fruit shakes for $1. Friends from Siem Reap used to come up here just to sit around and  drink these shakes all afternoon. There is one item on the menu, the Bunhoy, listed towards the end of the Snacks section that is pretty much amazing. It seems like more of a Vietnamese dish with small rice noodles, cut up spring rolls, pork, sautéed onions, lettuce, basil and peanuts. Add some of the chili and black pepper and yea … amazing. But really, add cut up spring rolls to anything and it’s going to be pretty good.


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