La Patate

La Patate

Mmmm.... Beer....

La Patate is one of the longest running restaurants on Street 5, a small side street that runs parallel to the riverside. It’s known by expats as the best place in town to get Belgian fries so we decided to stop on by to see if the reputation holds.

The interior is covered in Tin Tin posters which gives it a nice retro feel to the place. They serve all sorts of belgian beers there so if you were looking to try something a bit different than your typical Cambodian lagers, this is the place to go.

In typical Nyamming form, we ended up ordering way too much food which consisted of a couple bazooka’s, a jumbo order of Belgian fries, a slew of dipping sauces and an order of mussels.

bazooka burger

Encased in a crusty baguette, the Bazooka is definitely a meal that can be shared and in typical Nyam fashion, we ordered two. We ordered the burger and sausage bazookas which were very reasonably priced at $5.50. The sausage was a much better choice with the burger patties being a bit too mushy for my tastes. The sausage casing gave it just enough bite for texture and had just enough heat to perk up my taste buds.

The mussels were the highlight of the lunch. Mixed in with the herby lemon butter broth and large mussels were an ample amount of calamari and shrimp. It was so good that I threw caution to the wind and dipping the accompanied bread in the sauce until it was all gone (I am allergic to shrimp).


I have had the fries before and they are definitely worth a visit. Fried twice in true Belgian fashion, the fries have an amazingly crisp exterior while retaining a light and fluffy potato texture on the inside. If having some of the best fries in Phnom Penh wasn’t enough, they have now added several dipping sauces to accompany the fries! You get Ketchup for free but an extra $0.50 gets you Mayonnaise, Aioli, Barbecue, Sriracha (hells ya!) or Samourai Hot. Definitely spend the extra loi and try some of the sauces.

All in all, the mussels are to die for here and you can never go wrong with an order of jumbo fries made better with some fun dipping sauces (get the Samourai Hot).

4 out of 5 Nyammies.

papa fritz

While walking into La Patate we were greeted by a jolly Belgium who turned out to be the owner of the place. In addition to the Tin Tin posters everywhere, there are several photos of him with Matt Dillon and Gerard Depardieu from the City of Ghosts filming in Phnom Penh back in the day. So before even trying anything, you get the impression that if La Patate was good enough for Depardieu it’s probably pretty legit.

We ordered the signature fries with all of the dipping sauces, a couple of the bazooka’s and for some reason, everyone else wanted to try the mussels. The fries were pretty good but I’m not a big fan of places that don’t salt their fries. I assume this is so that customers can salt to their taste but in my opinion, if a restaurant named after a potato, they should have these things arriving at your table ready to go.

sausage bazooka

The dipping sauces were all pretty great. The bazooka sandwiches was served on sliced baguettes which was really nice for the spicy sausage but just didn’t really work for the burger. The bazooka burger was more of just a kind of weird beef sandwich than a burger. I’m not a big fan of mussels so I tried to avoid eating them but was forced to try the sauce towards the end of the meal and was surprised at how good it was. Mussels not being my thing, I probably wouldn’t order it again but I would recommend it to seafood lovers and would probably steal a few bites.

Overall, the atmosphere was cool, the spicy sausage bazooka was delicious and the fries pretty solid. The owner laughed as us when we were finishing and said if we ate 3 bazooka’s, the 4th one would be free. No way that was happening that day but I might take him up on the offer next time.

3.5 out of 5 nyamies

La Patate – No. 14 street 5 between streets 110 and 118



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5 responses to “La Patate

  1. Hello Vinh,
    Yeah, well, I love fries, I love belgium food and have many belgium friends…..but we do not agree on La Patate. I went there a couple of month ago: The service was bad, the waitress did not understand our order, and the questions we asked about the kids menu took taime to be answered. This might be the ONLY place in the world where you pay for mayonaise and mustard (free ketchup is no excuse). The burger were about the worse I have eaten so far, specially the chicken burgen which were more of a pre-mache chicken reconstituted meat patties. The fries could have been delicious if homemade, which is not difficult here in PPH, specially when La Patate is located so closed to a psaar.
    I found also the place dirty, glasses were not clean, our tabletop was sticky. The overall feeling leaves me with an urge to leave and go shower.
    Maybe, they knew you were coming (invited?), maybe they made a special effort the day you went, cmpared to the day I did, but it is definately a place I will never go back.
    NB : The owner is know to have some big disgusting foreign friends coming to eat with their way-too-young dates. When you go with kids, not the best sight and education example.
    I had to share my experience because I beleive there are a lot of wonderful places in PPH (some of which we both tried, according to the NP blog) and sometimes, the owners, just because they are expats, feel entitle to raise the prices of their food but not the quality, and certainly not the cleanliness. They should know better and make a special effort if they are selling sandwiches and fries 4 times the price of a wonderful “lotchaa” (sorry for the very approximate spelling).

    • Hi Virginie,

      Thanks for the comment. We always welcome feedback on the restaurants we write about as we only go once for the review so it is good to get a different take on it.

      Thanks for reading the blog and I am glad to see that we are inspiring you to check out new restaurants in Phnom Penh!


  2. Having eaten at La Patate a few times since coming to live in Cambodia in 2007, your review pretty much told the story for every time we have eaten there. Great chips and sauces, big helpings and definitely food that can be shared between two.
    Service can be hit and miss at times, but the willingness to try and get the order correct is there. As for the Big Disgusting Foreigners? I didn’t realise Virgine was a Khmer name, get off your judgement wagon and comment on the food, not the customers.
    Cheers NyamPenh, for giving us reasons to get out of our comfort zone of familiar restaurants and try to eat our way around the city.

  3. Went here pretty recently and it was a bit mediocre… the fries were good, but the burger average (the bun didn’t seem that fresh). Liked the Tin Tin memorabilia though…

    • I think the burger falls under the European style which I am not a big fan of. They tend to be mushier and usually more sausage like in their grind. I thought the mussels and sausage sandwhich were great!


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