The Forbidden Meat

“There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable”

Mark Twain

A DISCLAIMER FROM THE WRITER: We have obscured the identities of all parties in photos and names have been changed to preserve anonymity and confidentiality.

The horror....

We set out a couple of weeks ago to a group of restaurants located near Wat Ounaloum after reports from local media along with friends about a ban on a certain dish that had offended the sensibilities of the local clergy in the area.

Eating kor dut= youths drinking beer????

The dish in question is kor dut and consists of a young calf that spit roasted over coals, and sliced to order. Doesn’t sound offensive enough to ban right?

I guess the offending bit was that the calf was in plain view in front of the restaurant, enticing people (and possibly wayward monks) to come have a taste. The restaurants still serve kor dut but have been told by the municipality to move them inside the restaurant.

Relegated to the backroom

Relegated to the backroom

All the restaurants on the block all looked the same so we had a bit of trouble making a decision on which one to eat at. Luckily, the enterprising proprietor of one grabbed one of our group by the arm and said, “You eat here! ”

Simple enough

We initially ordered a tower of Anchor and a couple plates of the beef. I ended up following the waiter and watched the preparation of the plate. After slicing, the tender beef gets placed on some seriously hot coals for a couple of minutes to crisp up the skin and served with some lime pepper sauce.

Mmmm.... Beef.....

Mmmm.... Beef.....

It is probably the most tender beef I have had in Cambodia and mixed with the lime pepper sauce, makes for a very tasty plate. There is an ample amount for the price (10,000 Riel) and is definitely something I would order again.

Dropping off a plate of pork disguised in some fried rice

We ordered a bunch of food that is in the general Nyam M.O. and though it was normal beer garden fare, there was ample amounts of it.

Flaunting all sorts of sin

It was a great experience as we had a great time chatting with the proprieter and of course, having some great barbecued meat. If you have a chance, definitely try out kor dut even if you have to get it from the back room.



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  1. A classic post, about a classic Phnom Penh experience!

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