Digby’s Butchery

Best burger in town

Best burger in town

Big news in Phnom Penh! Digby’s is serving the new king of burgers (despite the fact that there is now a Burger King at the airport). Digby’s is a really well done, Dean & DeLuca knock off that has opened up in the past six months and it is by far the best burger I’ve had in Phnom Penh. Great beef patty, bacon, cheddar, secret sauce on a sesame bun. Not cheap but really tasty. Being still new, it looks like the Digby’s Chef is still working out the exact recipe; I’ve been twice and the burger was a bit different each time but great both times.

Meat platter

Meat platter

I haven’t tried many of the other menu items in the cafe but I’ve bought a few sausages to cook at home and everything has been awesome.

classy Mountain Dew

Classy Mountain Dew available

The historic go-to butchery in Phnom Penh has been Dan’s Meat which is a no-frills shop with a decent assortment of sausages and meats. Digby’s leapfrogged Dan’s and has about 3x as much sausage available, meats, cheeses, a fancy grocery store and a cafe which great food.

The exterior of the building is very dark and uninviting but the interior design was really well done with attention to detail. There are still reminders that we are in Cambodia (see Mountain Dew in the fancy beverage section). But if you haven’t been, definitely check it out.

4.5 out of 5 nyamies
– Bryse

pulled pork

Pulled pork

My interest in Digby’s was first piqued when it was just a butchery operating out of BKK1, and rumors swirled that they offered varieties of sausages in the double-digits. But it wasn’t until they began offering this vast assortment of meat treats cooked on-site at their Digby’s Café that I actually tried out their wares for myself. In addition to sausages, the café serves a variety of Americana-style sandwiches and a burger that some say is the best in town.

Walking into Digby’s is astonishingly like walking into a fancy grocer in NYC. From the gleaming white subway tiles, to the industrial-chic lighting, to the inevitable sticker-shock, Digby’s definitely evokes nostalgia for those who have spent time in the Big Apple. It’s a beautifully well-done space, but I do wish their milk was a bit more reasonably priced. That said, their café menu is more mid-range in cost and quite excellent when you consider the quality of meat you are served.


Portrait of a burger

So how about taste? This trip to Digby’s was a mixed bag for me. I steered wrong from the beginning, ordering the pulled pork sandwich. While the pork was amazingly tender, I had a hard time tasting it as it was drowning in sauce that was at least 50% Liquid Smoke. Kind of like eating a campfire… My expectations were high for the burger and it was quite good, though there are a few other Phnom Penh burgers higher on my list. The patty was delicious, bacon cooked to perfection and the bun was delightful. However, the burger had that same mystery smoke sauce. Another diner ordered the meat platter, which was visually gorgeous and piled high with charcuterie, fluffed greens and chunks of bread n’ butter. But the show-stopper was the cheesecake. Ordered as an after-thought and only after strong encouragement from the only sweet-tooth in our bunch, it was the best cheesecake, perhaps best dessert, I’ve had in Phnom Penh. So good it deserved a GIF!



Overall, I’d recommend checking out Digby’s for a meal, perhaps ask for the smoke sauce on the side. You can also select one of the 12+ sausages and they’ll grill it up then and there, served with baguette and mesclun, for about $2, which makes for a great lunch. And definitely pick up a couple of sausages and bottles of Sierra Nevada to take-home.

3.5 out of 5 nyamies

– Alissa

Digby’s Butchery



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  1. I can’t believe you found Mountain Dew! I’m sci excited! I’ve been living in Phnom Penh for about 6 months and so far my search for it has turned out hopeless. anywhere else you’ve seen that carries it?

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