Nyam = Eat (in Khmer)

This blog contains restaurant reviews in Phnom Penh and the rest of Cambodia.
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23 responses to “About

  1. John McCollum

    Great blog. I love reading about the food scene in Phnom Penh. I will say, however, that the copyright notices all over the photos make it nearly impossible to enjoy.

    I understand Vinh Dao being concerned about infringement, but I find that I don’t link to or recommend this one nearly as much as phnomenon or eatingasia or any of the other fine food blogs…simply because of the copyright notices.

    If there’s any way you could negotiate some other solution with your photographer, it’d probably be to your advantage. Encourage him to look around — I haven’t seen a single major website that does it like that.

    • Hi John,

      This is Vinh and I am one of the Nyam Penh guys. I have had some problems in the past with images being stolen and used on other websites without any type of credit.

      I will re-evaluate the watermarks and see what I can do to get the best images for the food and maintaining some control over copyright.

      Thanks for reading and thanks for the input!


    • i barely even noticed the watermarks on the photos … but now that i looked again, the font could be reduced and possibly placed more toward the bottom left or right corner of the pics.

  2. John McCollum


    As a photographer and designer, I understand. There’s always a tension between protecting your work and making it accessible to legitimate audiences.

    I’d just encourage you to look around and learn from others who have come to the conclusion that the cure may be worse than the disease when it comes to making one’s beautiful images ugly in the name of self-protection.

    Again, great blog. Look forward to visiting many of the restaurants you profile.

  3. Hey, really great blog posts… I’ve enjoyed reading through your blog because of the great style and energy.

  4. Pat

    I live in Phnom Penh and really happy to find your blog, with the amount of restaurants around town it is nice to know someone already been there to do the tasting and giving an honest critic. Can you do some Korean Barbecue visit, I see many of them in town.

  5. Vinh…. great food blog. I mentioned you on my very new Cambodia Blog: http://cambodiana.tumblr.com/ — I will be in Cambodia 5 October – 5 November.

    Maybe we can eat sometime…. On me.


  6. Hey Vinh,
    good meeting you last night. looking forward to using this wonderful resource to explore food in PP.


  7. We just added you to our recommended liks about Phnom Penh at http://www.yourphnompenh.com/links/. Maybe you can add us, http://www.yourphnompenh.com/, as one of your links?

    Best Regards,
    Jenny at yourphnompenh.com

  8. Nice blog, Love the header of spring roll or «គួង» in Khmer. 😀

  9. Is there any way to search on the site? From restaurant names to “noodles?” It would be great as the number of reviews grows.

    • Hi Adam,

      Thanks for the comment. I have just put up a Search bar and a Tag cloud on the righthand sidebar as per your request.

      Thanks for reading and also for helping us make the site easier for the readers!


  10. hi, im a brazilian based in los angeles visiting cambodia for the first time. right now im at the singapura airport, waiting for my plane. what a nice blog! good job! i love it. I will write back if i have the chance to visit some of those places you describe. thanks a lot!

  11. Hi! I’m Dianne from the Philippines. I’ve been reading your blog for about an hour now. And I must say, the contents are interesting. I’m going to visit PP on May. So for a tourist like me, what are your restaurant recommendations? I also write food reviews here in Manila but only as a hobby. Anyway, good job on your site, very informative! Keep it up!;)

  12. Hey Guys,

    Really enjoy the blog. The one thing I would say is that I loved kudos given to street food in Phnom Penh at the sadly defunct (but still very relevant) Phnomenon blog, so it’d be great if you gave your two scents on the street food scene in Phnom Penh at the mo.


  13. Interesting to see another food blog from Cambodia. Great!!

  14. Hi Nyam Penh. A Kiwi friend of mine has opened a small street stall selling Buffalo Burgers in front of the Drunken Sponge Bar (No 60 street 51 just a few shops North of Heart of Darkness). Check it out, they’re really tasty, and good value at $2.50. He’s usually there around 8pm to 2am Cheers

  15. Great blog! This will help me pick good places to eat while I’m here in Phnom Penh! Btw, I nominated you in the Versatile Blogger Award http://wp.me/p31nSm-lI. No need to follow the rules, I just want you guys to know that your blog is amazing. Keep posting! 🙂

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